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Online Live Shopping in Germany a New Way for Brand’s Success

Live Shopping – The newest online shopping concept is here to stay, as more fashion businesses worldwide look for ways to implement it successfully. It first became popular in China, further expanding to Europe and the US during the pandemic.  

But what is Live shopping? How does it work? And where is it currently popular?  

What is Live shopping?  

Simply put, it is the modern way of TV shopping. Online live shopping is a new way to narrow the gap between online and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences. Since many consumers like to buy in physical stores because of the look and feel and immediacy of buying products, this new online shopping method offers a closer experience than in physical stores. 

During live broadcasts, brands talk about trends, current offers, products, and advice on how best to style them. Presenters and models try the clothes and give their opinion on the look and feel of the outfit. In addition, viewers can ask questions, receive real-time answers via live chat, and buy the products presented on the spot, using exclusive discounts available only during the live broadcast. 

Image source: The Baltic Times

Where did the trend start, and where has it become famous now?   

Live shopping became first popular in China in 2017 among young people. It rapidly became a trend, and since then, it has grown at rates of 280% per year until 2020, according to a report by McKinsey. Live shopping was worth over $300 billion in 2021, vs half the amount in 2020.  

Since the pandemic, this way of shopping has become popular in Europe due to consumers looking to get inspired to buy clothes and other fashion items. They have become more aware of live shopping events, mainly held on companies’ websites.  

One of the markets in Europe that have been more open to shopping at online live events is Germany. Consumers in this country are more triggered and likely to buy products online from live shopping vs other European countries, such as the UK, France, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden. This is all according to an online survey by iPaper and Epinion in 2021.  

Since Germans like to research products before making a purchase, it is essential to provide content that differentiates a brand from another, to gain their attention and trust in buying from one to the other. Nowadays, consumers browse the Internet for inspiration, and live shopping can be the game changer to offer the extra value and user experience that sometimes goes missing from online shops.   

Which Marketplace has successfully implemented inspirational Live shopping in Germany? 

Regarding Fashion, the number one platform in Germany and Europe that successfully implements inspirational online shopping and live shopping events is About You.   

This Marketplace aims to digitalize the classic shopping stroll by creating an inspiring, personalized and unique shopping experience on the smartphone. These have led them to make decisions from the layout of their website to content, to organizing offline and online events, such as fashion shows and live shopping, to working with more than 1000 well-known and inspiring influencers.   

They have an entire team of employees and influencers who work in live shopping streaming, which has brought positive results to them and the brands participating in it. 

How can About You benefit US brands that want to expand to Germany and the EU?  

With About You consumer base in Germany and the EU, and the marketing initiatives that implement it, it can provide US fashion brands with the opportunity to increase sales and awareness, positive reputation, customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.   

About You continuously improves its techniques and technologies to stay up to date with the latest trends in online sales and the fashion industry. In addition, the best possible online shopping experience differentiates it from other platforms.   

Consumers in Germany and other EU markets perceive About You as an interactive online shop that inspires them to be and express themselves. It is also a marketplace that stays connected with its audience through social media, live shopping and influencers. These give a sense of reliability that positively impacts fashion brands that sell their products on this platform. 

You can find more information regarding About You in our blog “ABOUT YOU- The Most Inspiring Online Fashion Shop in Europe. 


How can your brand be part of About You?  

BorderGuru is the answer. We are part of the Otto Group, which About You is also part of. We offer your fashion brand the opportunity to enter the German and European markets by aggregating and accelerating your fashion brand’s growth in this and other exclusive marketplaces.    

Our solution takes care of all the complexity associated with international expansion, so you can only focus on selecting the products that will sell on this platform and profit.   

Become part of About You and start your success story by contacting us!   

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